Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hello & Happy Easter!
How are you doing? I'm happy, I work short day today and can go home already at 1 pm, won't be back until after the holiday! I'll pick up our dear daughter on my way from work and hubby is already at home with our son who is still ill with a cold, but doing much better. This morning we decided that we'll have afternoon tea together and make scones and that is almost the yummiest I know! And after tea we will go out and decorate the garden with colored feathers and then we'll pretend it's Friday and have tacos for dinner! AND the sun is shining! Can't be much better!
I'm a bit surprised that I've been able to post so many layouts this week and I'm extra happy to share three more today! It is sure a happy day!
This is an old style layout of my daughter. I used a couple of pages from a 6''x6'' paper pad and a really old checkered paper. The journaling is a small interview I made with my daughter the other day. The flags are made of two strips of washitape that I put next to eachother on white paper and then cut out.  
This is something very different in my book! The papers are both from my Studio Calico 12''x12'' paper pad (Wanderlust). I fussy cut the flowers from the paper and added along the edge of the background paper. It wasn't as much work as it might seem! It would have been really nice to put the flowers on pop dot but I didn't. The folks in pictures are my mother and her fiance, they are planting the apple tree we bought them in engagement gift.
Last before Easter is a bright layout with a boy who loves the tablet we bought for Christmas!  
Two hours left until Easter holiday leave starts! Won't be back until Tuesday! Hopefully I'll have lots of layouts to share and many new photos for future layouts! Take care of you and have a lovely long weekend!

Melted beads

Good morning!
Today I'm sharing the beads I bought from Perler and what they looked like when I melted them.
The perlecent ones got a color problem when melted, the pigment kind of formed a ring on top. I will try later and let them be in the oven a bit longer and see what happens then. The solid colors are gorgeous and the striped ones even more! I LOVE them!
I ordered from the EK Success Brand store and the shipping to Sweden was really reasonable!
I'll be back in a while with a couple of layouts. Take care!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Three more pages

Good morning!
I continue showing three layouts in each blog post but I'm quickly runing out of layout photos so when Easter comes I hope I'll have time for more scrapbooking so that I can post layouts next week too :) Blogging has been a real inspiration for me, it is a bit like writing and editing your own magazine and it is fun to browse thought "the magazine" and feel pleased with what I have acomplished and documented.
These layouts are from last week when I was home taking care of my soar throat.
First is a photo of my daughter and I. I increased the contrast value and made it black/white before printing - I like that style, especially for portraits. The black/white allows me to go crazy with color, so I did just that :) The title says "You are my mammoth" and I've used a Maggie Holmes paper, cut off the edges and matted it on a white paper. I added the thin washi I bought from Hong Kong and I like the color effect.
I made a grid with papers from the BG Knee High series om black cardstock and added my daughter in her new Belle-dress. I got the butterfly stickers from my daughter for my birthday.
No, I have not been to the US :) but I love the stars and the stripes, especially for marine photos, and I got myself a paper pad with Americana patterns which I thought looked really nice. I will use them for my summer layouts from the coast.
I hope you'll have a very nice day! Hugs!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Long day away from home

Good morning!
Today will be a long day, first work until 5 pm and then two hours meeting after that, but my little family will come and pick me up after the meeting and that's sweet!
Talking about the family, here are three new layouts with the gang, made with lots of fun new supplies! It is really inspiring to have lots of fun stuff to work with and I'm also very happy for the paper grab bag I got and the 12''x12'' paper pad so that I have some new "surprise papers" to spice up things with.
First today is a crazy series of bathing photos of my both kids crammed into a plastic box filled with water. Needless to say this event ended in a tears after a massive water fight and eventhought my son asks over and over again for a rematch my daughter says firmly no  :).
Here is another family chaos. We wanted to take a family selfie with the mobile and tried getting four happy faces onto one photo, hence the blur. I love the die cut chipboard pieces, I colored them white with an inkpad.
This is a mix of ancient and new. The background paper is an old Heidi Swapp paper that has been sitting around for sooo long and on top of it is BG's collection Hipster (papers and stamps) and a recent photo of my son slowly falling asleep on me in the sofa claiming all the time he wasn't.
Thanks for visiting! Have a nice day!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Longing for more scrapping!

Good morning!
Finally I'm a bit more up to date with my layout share in the blog! Here I've started using my new stuff!! Fun fun fun! I'm also using up some ancient stuff and that is fun too! Making room for more goodies!
This first layout has two selfies of me! What a silly thing to do!! It is sooo 2014!! I'm not the flower patterned type normally but I think this was a perfect time for some girly girl roses and many shades of pink. I love the stamp and the cork and the cameras! So many nice tools and supplies!
Here is a real oldie, both in style and supplies, but I felt I needed to make it! Hubby and I love strategy games, computer games, card games and all kinds of games really and naturally it has rubbed off onto the kids.  
I made a background of PL-cards and it turned into a pink/yellow stack of boxes.
I still have plenty of layouts to show you, I made a whole bunch during my sick leave and during the weekend! I'll be back with more tomorrow!
On Friday I got the beads I ordered from Perler and I tried melting them in the oven and it worked PERFECTLY! So now I've ordered a pail with a multi colored mix of the same kind of beads and I will make "plastic dots" to last me a life time! The brand I used before, Hama, was a lot different from the Perler ones. Hama beads are softer, a bit more like rubber than hard plastic. When I see the difference in starting material I totally understand the difference in result! This is so much fun and I'm so happy I ordered the Perler beads! 
Have a nice day!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Friday!

Hi there!
It's Friday and I'm back with another layout share. This time it is a mixture of quality that I'd like to talk about today before I get back to my scrap table and hopefully continue making more of what is quality scrapbook pages in my opinion.

Let me start with two sample of layouts that I'm not even close to pleased with, and which therefor will symbolize what is low quality to me. 

This first layout was made from the idea that the sunburst layout is fool proof and that you can take a collection pad and just cut those rays and have a layout that works. That's obviously wrong. I tried saving this layout with a cute photo of my son and his toy lawn mower, even added a heart shaped doilie that would make anything perfect but it still doesn't work. I will probably take apart this layout and fix it, for example remove the red rays, cut off a small strip around the edges and mat the whole page on a different background. Maybe ad a couple of PL-cards on the right side of the photo. Yeah, it can't look like this.

This second layout has a very precious photo of me and my Granny from when I was about 5 years old. My Granny and I played alot of Scrabbles and we solved cross word puzzles together and she started my passion for words and writing by introducing me to these things. The Scrabble tile alphas have been in my posession for years and so has the cross word puzzle paper. I've saved them for this very special page - of Granny and me. Memory wise it is a lovely layout, I will never change it and I will always look at it and remember the feeling of sitting by Grannys kitchen table, my forearms sticking to the plastic table cloth, Grandpa's crooning, the constant smell of garlic and Granny making sounds of being in serious game problems while she was actually probably winning.  

Quality wise, this is a horrible in my opinion. But I had saved those stuff and it was a very long process leading up to actually putting that layout together and now it is in my Book of Me.
The next three layout today are those that I could show to anyone wanting to know my style of scrapbooking. 

The next three layouts today are of the type that I gladly would show to people who wanted to know about my style of scrapping. When I make layouts like this I feel that I've made progress, that I have done good and that I've finally understood the few design principles that I've paid attention to. I try to stay up to date with the current fashions and try out the new techniques and styles that come around.  

Look at this one, can you see the film strip plastic ribbon? Way back when Ranger released that product I HAD to OWN it and I remember spending lots of money on that little jar of ribbon, but then I haven't used it :)  I think it came to good use here. 

Here is a photo of my daughter wearing my old glasses. Family who has seen this photo say she looks just like me and I must say that's the best compliment a mum can get! The title is something like "ready for school" and she certainly is. She is starting "Grade 0" of school in August and she is really looking forward to it. I'm a bit worried she will get bored and understimulated since she already reads and understands numbers very well but I will do my very best making her into a "book reader" and then she'll always be able to find new challenges on her own. 


These layouts, atleast to me, look like modern pieces of fun scrapbooked memories. I've used things that is fairly new and I have mixed in some REALLY old stuff from my stash. The pages look different from eachother and they are easy to look at from a design point of view. The photos are precious and they tell a story or the love of a place in time. That is high quality to me. What do you think?

Have a wonderful day!

Twine heart

Good morning!
Today I've promised myself to be super productive in the scrap corner! I want to make beauty! Have you ever done this? A twine heart? I think it is so pretty!

 It is not hard! You only need two knots and and a twist :)

1. First you tie "the dimple knot" on one strand of twine.


2. Then you fold the twine and tie "the pointy knot" on the two strands of twine. 

3. Last you grab "the dimple knot" and  twist it into the loop. Done!

I think this is my way to wish you all a very happy Friday!  
Hugs from Åsa